Routes & Prices

From our routes you will enjoy the nature and beautiful sites until the end of the ride. All the routes of Panouris Ranch begin from our facilities.

There are four routes.

The first route ends in Mikri Laka and lasts four hours.

The route of two hours ends in Profiti Ilia. The rides of forty minutes and one hour are rides in the forest.

The forty minutes rides are appropriate for children. On some routes you can gallop after your request.

All the routes are done with the instructions you will be given for your own safety. Also we advise you to contact us before your ride because we have to prepare the saddled up before departure time.

The summer months all our routes are every day, but in winter we don’t go to the sea and we only open once a week, every Sunday.



Route to the sea 30 € / person

Route one hour and twenty minutes (running) 20 € / person

Route two hours 30 € / person

Route one hour 15 € / person

Forty minutes route 10 € / person

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